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Easily accessible knowledge streamlines education for new employees

E-learningPerformance SupportInfoCaption in actionOnboarding 4 min. read

How to prevent what is taught from being forgotten

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Be inspired by the gaming world - share knowledge like a pro

Performance SupportBusiness development 6 min. read

What happens after a course?

E-learningKnowledge ManagementPerformance SupportBusiness development 3 min. read

The Borders Are Being Erased Between Education, Documentation and Support

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What is Performance Support, and how can it be used?

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Lack of knowledge may lead to stress and frustration among co-workers
Performance SupportBusiness development

Whatever the situation, you can never do more than your best with the prerequisites at hand. If co-workers lack the tools necessary to do their job to the best of their ability it may create a lot of...

How to prepare your workplace for Millennials
E-learningKnowledge ManagementPerformance SupportBusiness development

We are the millennials, also known as digital natives. We have grown up in a world where information isn’t just everywhere, but also available through a quick search and click of a few buttons. We,...

Share Knowledge = Grow Together
Knowledge ManagementPerformance Support

It was once said that knowledge is power, and that might still be true in some cases. But if we share our thoughts and ideas, we can help eachother out and proceed faster. Share what you know with...

"Good Enough" Can Be Perfect in Daily Learning
E-learningPerformance Support

What needs to happen for us to be able to call something e-learnig, and what is needed to make it work? In this article we explain why accessibility is more important than quality. Almost unavoidable...

How to Make the Users Love Your Systems!
E-learningPerformance SupportBusiness development

Frustrated end users, courses that are too short for your systems, and system owners or specialists that are bombarded by questions — sound familiar?