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Simplify training with MicroLearning

Create guides, courses and manuals to be distributed in many different ways.

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Why MicroLearning?


Knowledge in "snack size"

With MicroLearning, you divide the education into smaller parts. A short video or article is both easier to consume and takes less time of the working day than a full course.

Recurring maintenance of knowledge

MicroLearning is not something that take place on a single occasion. Through recurring mailings, the knowledge is maintained and thus it is prevented from being forgotten.

MicroLearning is easy with InfoCaption


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Step #1 - Create different types of knowledge articles

The platform has a number of tools for creating knowledge articles - or guides, as we say - using text, images, screen recordings and video, among other things.

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Step #2 - Combine into courses and manuals

In addition to guides, you can create courses and manuals, either by reusing the existing guides or with completely new material. You can also enable knowledge tests to ensure that users have consumed the information.

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Step #3 - Distribute in the way that best suits the purpose

Create scheduled mailings, print QR codes, create search pages and portals, embed on your websites or send direct links. InfoCaption contains many ways to share knowledge, to cover all learning needs.

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Step #4 - Follow up the usage

With our analysis tool, it is easy to follow up how a guide or course performs. See who has gone through them, how much they have seen and their results on knowledge tests.

Quote To make MicroLearning actually work, it needs to be easily accessible and easy to use - both for the producer and the user. Our aim is that users, through a single click on their phone, should be able to easily access information. For Novum Assistans, InfoCaption is key to imparting knowledge and building corporate culture regardless of geographical distance or working hours.

Ida Örnberg  – Novum Assistans

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