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With InfoCaption, you can choose between three focus features, Assist, Train, and Map, or combine them to suit your organization's needs best.

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digital assist

Assist | Guided working day

The right knowledge, in the right place, at the right time, to the right person.

With the focus feature Assist, you get a digital colleague who provides guidance during the working day. When someone needs help on a web page or in an application, guides relevant to the user are displayed.

Assist reduces interruptions and streamlines the working day internally for employees and externally for customers.

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Train | Competence-enhancing e-learning

Digital courses make it possible to learn when and where you want.

With the focus feature Train, you can create flexible courses that can be used in smaller or larger packages, shared in different formats, and on other occasions.

Because it is easy to update and reuse different course parts, you save time, keeping the courses relevant.

Assign to the right user and follow up on an individual level.


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Map illustration

Map | Structured way of working with processes

What should be done in a workplace is related to How it should be done.

With the focus feature Map, overview process maps are dividable into more detailed sub-processes. By connecting instructive guides to activities in a process, employees gain insight into what, when and how they should perform a work task.

When information is easily accessible, it becomes easy for the entire business to follow the routines and goals that have been set.

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Give employees easy access to your existing documents with context-sensitive help or create a few guides.

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Quote You really practice what you preach. In 99% of the cases, I find what I need at the customer portal – if not, I contact the support and “poof”, there’s a new guide. I can also confidently send my colleagues to the portal when they need help, which relieves me. This is world class support!

Gisela Magnusson – Uddevalla Municipality

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