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About us

InfoCaption was launched in 2002 to enable those who know how to share their knowledge with those who need to know. Our first innovation guide is still the essence of what we are doing and creating a better living life for thousands of people each day.


Our mission

Behind everything that happens, there are people. We at InfoCaption are a bunch of heartfelt problem solvers who decided to change businesses for the better by making it easier for employees to help each other. We want those with the knowlegde to be able to facilitate the work of others by sharing, and to prevent those who need to know from feeling insufficient or hindered because of lack of knowledge.

Quote InfoCaption has both a commitment and customer service far beyond the usual. And the platform is a great support in an organization, especially in times like this when digitalization has gotten a push forward and there's a big need for support.

Thomas Johansson, System Administrator – Trollhättan Municipality

InfoCaption AB

Our story

InfoCaption was founded by a group of developers who wanted to realize their dreams in multimedia and, at the same time, make it easier for businesses to spread knowledge and information. They considered that the e-learning industry was focusing too much on making the material neat, lavish and comprehensive when the users primarily wanted simple solutions to make work more efficient.

The group spent the nights writing code and the days talking to potential customers. Their hard work paid off, and soon, the first customers were on site: Skanska, MSB (the Rescue Service) and the City of Gothenburg.

The company grew, and people with expertise were hired in development, sales, marketing, product and support. As the number of customers increased, the product was developed with new functions and smart solutions to meet the needs of more industries. An office was established in Sandviken, and turnover doubled from 10 to 20 million in a few years.

Today's InfoCaption is a composite group of people with very different backgrounds. Both self-taught and highly educated, with a background in everything from sawmills to banking, hockey to music, Lindy Hop to martial arts. Together, we have an interest in new ideas, a drive to solve tricky problems and a fondness for the warm and uncomplicated.

Gruppbild 2023

Team InfoCaption at one of our Get-togethers.