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InfoCaption meets the business's various learning needs. We make it easy to create guides in different formats that can be seamlessly shared with employees or customers on a common platform, web pages, and embedded in systems.

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Easily create professional guides

Using video guides, you can explain the use of computer softwares or practical tasks. Short steps are easy to follow and ensure that tasks are performed correctly. Text guides are suitable for information-based content and can combine text, images, videos and knowledge tests. Processes and workflows clarify role distribution and the sequence of activities.


Learning directly in the workflow

With context-sensitive help, available guides are tailored to the employee or customer's needs. Simply show the right guide at the right time, where the user needs it. Guides for the specific task are made available directly in the browser, on the computer, or in the system where the end-user works.


Easy to search for knowledge

The value of a course or a guide is created when the knowledge is actually being used. Therefore, it is essential that information is easily accessible and updated. In a self-service portal, the user can search for and find the support needed to get on with their job. A unique website address per guide allows content to be updated without changing the website address so that a shared link always displays the latest version.


View statistics and follow up courses

When knowledge needs to be validated at the individual level, an e-learning course is appropriate. You can easily follow-up at the user’s level, ensure that the course has been completed, and issue certifications. You can also view statistics for everyday learning in the platform through the number of guides played over a certain period of time, what users are looking for and where they look for it.

Why InfoCaption?

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Workflow learning

Learning while performing tasks in the workflow is good for motivation. Create an efficient workflow that lets users move on with minimal interruption by sharing guides based on the user’s task at hand.

What is Workflow learning?



Optimal onboarding

A digital introduction and easily accessible knowledge saves time and allow supervisors to focus on creating a welcoming experience for new employees.

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Customer support 24/7

A digital support portal operates 24/7. Self-service streamlines and reduces the workload for the support team while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction!

Empower your support


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"To meet our customers' needs and ensure that customers quickly get the help they are looking for saves us a lot of time and is well worth the time we spend creating instructional materials"

- Madeleine Öijersson, Hogia

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More than just a tool

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The personal touch

You get a personal customer coach, guides in our customer portal and access to our helpful support team. In addition, there are opportunities for onboarding and workshops to help you get started.

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Community & events

Access our customer community, where you can be inspired, ask questions, or share material with other InfoCaption users. In addition, we regularly offer exciting webinars and events.

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Value from day one

We offer a large amount of free content so you can fill your platform with guides on the most commonly used systems or import courses shared by other users. This creates value from day one.

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