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Get inspired by what InfoCaption can do for you business by partaking of the stories from some of our customers.

Quote It's better to spend two hours creating guides when I have time, than to get twenty phone calls with questions when I don't have the time!

Julie Henriksen, Product consultant – Webcruiter


Apply Synergies

We are a proud partner of Apply Synergies, creators of the 5 Moments of Learning Need framework. They are experts in learning theory and offer training and support to organizations to change their mindset from "Learning first" to "Performance first". There is also a Nordic 5MoN company, Per4M.

"The 5 Moments of Need® is an instructional design methodology proven to enable your workforce to do more for less. A workflow learning solution, powered by this methodology, levels-up your strategic, technical, and tactical capabilities and designs for the performance zone..."

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