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Map | Structured way of working with processes

A process tool with what you need to increase efficiency, promote collaboration and unify the organisation.

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Why use processes?


Improve collaboration

With clear visualisation of working methods, understanding increases and collaboration between departments is simplified.

Increase efficiency

 Find weaknesses in your working methods and streamline them by improving or eliminating inefficient steps.

Unite the organisation

Make sure everyone does the same. When everyone in the organisation moves in the same direction, confusion and uncertainty
are reduced.

Quote Ever since we started with InfoCaption process, work processes have become easier, and it doesn't need to be controlled, and taught to the same extent. Thanks to the simplicity of the tool, we do not make use of process experts in our company. Those who know how to work in the process can also draw it.

Annica Pettersson - Process Management, Lindab



Transparent processes = easier working day

When information is easily accessible, it becomes easy for the entire business to follow the routines and goals that have been set. And this is precisely what your organisation can get with the help of the Map orientation.

Processes are an excellent way to ensure that the organisation works together. With the help of clear processes, employees gain insight into what, when and how they should perform a work task.

With InfoCaption's platform, you can insert guides into your processes to get the whole picture and make the process easy to work with.


A complete tool for Performance support

With the Map orientation, you get the following functions:

  • Draw work processes in a web-based interface
  • Connect guides and documents in the different parts of the process
  • Create main processes and break them down into sub-processes
  • Organise processes into process types
  • Track changes using built-in version management
  • Create relationships between processes
  • Set process status
  • Link process owners and responsible positions to roles in the processes

Processes from three perspectives


Identify strengths and weaknesses

Processes are an excellent way to ensure that the organisation is working together. As an integral part of the daily support, processes go from being a tool for the management team to something where everyone takes ownership. In this way, you can further develop the processes together and identify strengths and weaknesses in the organisation's working methods.


Distribute roles and responsibilities

It can take time before new ways of working become routine, but the whole team knows who does what and in what order with process descriptions. The processes can involve separate departments or exceed team limits and clearly allocate responsibilities and roles.


Daily support for the employee

Transparent and clear processes with linked guides give employees insight into what, when and how to perform a task. Easy creation allows everyone responsible for or participating in a process to create and improve the process descriptions themselves.




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