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Facilitate changes with digital support

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Healthy guides to raise the level of knowledge

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Interactivity with clicks and tests stimulates learning

Knowledge ManagementInfoCaption in action 5 min. read

Create thorough documentation and save time in the process

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How instructional guides can simplify digital teamwork

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User support as a tool for increased digital maturity

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Make it easier to do the right thing
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Putting together a training course that teaches a seemingly complex subject should not have to cost the organization large amounts of time and resources. Regardless of who possesses the knowledge, it...

Simple step-by-step guides solve challenges around internal knowledge sharing
Knowledge ManagementInfoCaption in actionOnboarding

Many companies and organizations most certainly have employees who possess essential knowledge for the business. How to share this knowledge simply and effectively is one of the heart issues for us...

Lessons about learning in work life after the pandemic
E-learningKnowledge ManagementPerformance Support

The pandemic has forever changed our working day. For many of us, for example, teleworking from a home office is no longer just a flexible opportunity that the employer provides but a normal part of...

Gamification, educational or addictive?
Performance SupportWorkflow learning

In recent years, gamification has become a common way for companies to activate and motivate their users. A clear example is Niantic, the company which in 2016, together with Nintendo, launched the...

5 key areas to succeed with your Customer Success Strategy
HelpdeskBusiness developmentSupport

To work customer-oriented and with the customer in focus has acted as keywords for a long time to emphasize the importance of a deep customer relationship and a good customer understanding. However,...

Why employers should pay attention to knowledge-related stress
Knowledge ManagementBusiness development

All people have been exposed to stress at some point in their working lives. When the demands on the workplace increase and feel overwhelming, the need for recovery also increases. But with good...