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4 steps for successful IT implementation from a learning perspective

Knowledge ManagementBusiness developmentWorkflow learning 7 min. read

Effective how-to guides: support in the right context

Performance SupportBusiness developmentInfoCaption in actionWorkflow learning 5 min. read

Understand Single Point of Truth: What does it mean?

Knowledge ManagementBusiness developmentWorkflow learning 3 min. read

How to reduce the risks of digital working methods in your organisation

Knowledge ManagementBusiness developmentWorkflow learning 10 min. read

Gamification, educational or addictive?

Performance SupportWorkflow learning 4 min. read

Why Youtube doesn't work as a platform for internal learning

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The future of learning is in the ”flow”
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In today's society, we are used to the fact that all the information we receive is just a push of a button away. Studies today on the subject show that we suffer from a so-called digital short-term...

How the pandemic has revolutionised learning in the working day!
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In many ways, the Corona Pandemic has turned our lives upside down. Although it has been challenging for many, there are also positive effects from this transformative situation when we look at...