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The future of learning is in the ”flow”

In today's society, we are used to the fact that all the information we receive is just a push of a button away. Studies today on the subject show that we suffer from a so-called digital short-term memory loss. Instead of memorising the information we receive, we learn where we found the information. Today's workplaces need to focus on providing their employees with easily accessible information when they need it to keep up with the development of society.

Workflow learning and IKEA manuals

Imagine you are buying a dresser from IKEA. To be able to assemble the dresser, you need to use the enclosed instruction manual. Now imagine that you received two instruction manuals with the purchase, one for the dresser and one for a shelf. Even if you are interested in buying and assembling a shelf in the future, you have no use for that instruction manual when building the dresser. You also do not need the instruction manual for the dresser to replace specific parts or repaint them. The manual is only helpful when you need to build the dresser for the first time.

Workflow learning works in that same way. The importance of getting the proper knowledge and information for a unique learning opportunity at the very moment you need it, in that right place. If you, for example, are at your workplace and need to report time for holidays for the first time, you will be more effective in your learning if you get help from guides directly in the time reporting system. By adapting the users' workflow, the path to self-help is made much shorter. You no longer need to push for more knowledge through comprehensive education but the right expertise at the right time when required.

Adapt the learning to the situation

What is essential to keep in mind is that all employees work differently. In addition, routines and work processes change all the time. At the same time, systems need to be updated continuously. Our search behaviour has changed because we are so used to effortlessly searching for information and taking part in it the way we want. Finding out what employees learn best from makes it easier to adapt the workflow and their situation after them. For example, some learn better by watching a video and others by reading an instruction manual.

Providing employees with the right tools early in the work process makes it easier for them and the business. If the content available in the platform is well structured, it will lower the load on support functions and knowledge owners. When the knowledge is available around the clock, the service to the users is also improved.

All businesses look different, and all employees work differently. With InfoCaption as a platform, you can share knowledge digitally so that employees can feel secure in their work tasks. For example, we provide tools to provide precisely the proper expertise (in the form of digital guides) in the system, interface, and website that the user is on. Find out what your business wants to achieve and what works best for your employees. We help you regardless of whether you want to increase productivity, increase competence, or get a more precise business structure.


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