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Streamline your onboarding with InfoCaption

Digitize introductory training for new employees and customers. Make knowledge available digitally throughout the onboarding process.

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Create a more resource efficient organisation

By digitizing training and courses for new employees, both time and costs for the introduction can be reduced. New employees can be introduced to the work without waiting for supervisors and become more productive in their new roles. Responsible supervisors also save time, and can focus on their regular tasks.

Make knowledge available for a safer start

Instead of overloading new employees with too much information, plan which parts can be included in a first introductory training and which parts can be made available afterwards. Create knowledge support that employees can consume and return to when they need to. Some knowledge is better suited being learned in the workflow itself, than in the introduction.

Focus on the personal meeting

When the new employees can take part in a digital introduction on their own - such as instructions, routines and manuals - you as an employer can instead focus on the personal meeting. Make the new employees feel welcome in the workplace and create time to build relationships with colleagues and your company's work culture.

Create an introductory course. Check out our template:

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new employees,
like Coor:

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Introduce seasonal employees, like Willab Garden:

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Tools that strengthen the onboarding process

Preboarding makes a better and smoother start

Send out information in the form of guides and manuals to your prospective employees before their first day of work. Using preboarding results in that the new employees come prepared and can better absorb information during their introduction, as well as faster getting started in their work role.

Knowledge support during and after the introduction

With digital learning material, the informative part of the onboarding process can be automated and new employees can learn a lot on their own. Also make sure that the material is easily accessible, when needed, after the introduction when the employees are in the actual workflow.

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Digitized knowledge streamlines your onboarding

With InfoCaption you can create and share knowledge articles in various formats, which can then be combined into manuals or courses. The content is always available to employees through search pages in the platform, direct links or embedded on your own websites.

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Quote We have put together educational training packages for our users. It is a very good tool because we do not have to go out to our entire organisation and educate but instead can send out guides. We get great feedback, the users find it much easier to look at one guide when they have time and desire than going to a joint meeting. The cost of the tool we justify by reducing the number of support cases - support is money.

Nina Högstedt, IT Service Manager - Coor

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