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Provide self-service,
simplify the support

Self-service results in a reduced workload for your support employees, at the same time as it increases customer satisfaction and the user experience. By digitizing quantitative tasks, you can free up time for the support department to work on more qualitative tasks.

Customer support available 24/7

A digital portal for self-service results in a support that is open 24 hours a day. When a user is in need help is available through a support portal, working like a search engine on the web, helping to find answers to questions that the user needs to move forward in the workflow.

Digital & dynamic documentation

By digitizing material recurring questions can be handled quickly - a link to a guide does the job. Everything created in InfoCaption is also dynamic, which means that if the source material is adjusted, all places where the guide is located will be updated. Guides are easily reused both as support documentation and training materials.


Go from a reactive to a proactive customer service

By anticipating customers' questions and creating guides that provide the answers to them, you can pivot from a reactive to a proactive support - where you'll always be available.

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Quote Dare to invest in a digital support tool and ensure that time is set aside to produce materials. To meet our customers' needs and ensure that customers quickly get the help they are looking for saves us a lot of time and is well worth the time we spend creating instructional materials.

Madeleine Öijerson, RE-responsible Kundtorget - Hogia


The advantage of self-help: satisfied end-users & strong competitive advantage

Being the market's most user-friendly system requires excellent help for end-users and world-class support.

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