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InfoCaption facilitates your digital learning

Many organisations are affected by the challenging situation that requires new ways of working. Our platform helps you share knowledge digitally so that employees feel comfortable in their tasks, even when working remotely.

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Digital learning is extra relevant when we work remotely

Many businesses have moved the joint workplace to individual home offices. Working from home requires that we have the means to be able to educate and learn digitally. Digital courses, manuals and other teaching materials are, therefore, an important part of the new age's daily learning.

When colleagues no longer are equally available

It is often quick to ask a colleague when we need help to get on with the work or learn something in the workplace. 90% of what we learn actually happens on our own or with the help of colleagues. Therefore, it is valuable to have easily accessible knowledge even at a distance, and that the knowledge is not person-dependent.



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...of all businesses have met the increased demand for digital learning from their end-users.

 - Fosway Group, "Being Successful in a Post-Pandemic World"

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Knowledge sharing in times of change is a must

For workflows to work in challenging times, it is important to share knowledge and information with employees digitally. With our platform, knowledge can be easily documented and shared further.

By making knowledge available digitally to users stuck with a task in their working day, a better workflow is created, and productivity increases. At the same time, knowledge-related stress is reduced when help is just pushing a button away. The user's needs are read based on where they are, and relevant guides for the context are displayed!

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Have you met the users' increased demand for digital learning?

771% of all businesses have met the increased demand for digital learning, but only 21% have implemented a solution. With InfoCaption, you can easily create different guides for guidance in work and fill a digital learning platform. Besides, several hundred already created guides are up for your usages, such as Microsoft Teams and Office 365.

All guides on the platform can be shared and made available to employees where they are - as a digital colleague.

Quote InfoCaption has both a commitment and customer service far beyond the usual. And the platform is excellent support in an organisation, especially when digitalisation has gotten a push forward, and there's a significant need for help.

Thomas Johansson, System Administrator – Trollhättan Municipality

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