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Train | Promote and ensure knowledge

InfoCaption's tool for e-learning and a simple and flexible LMS with quick start-up. Create engaging training courses to promote knowledge in your organisation.

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Why should you use E-learning?



Interactive digital learning

Interactive digital courses and engaging skills development awaken a desire for learning.


Living knowledge

Ensure that everyone in the organisation receives accurate knowledge with live and updated content. 


Elevate your employees

Help your employees get the right tools and skills to do an excellent job.
Quote We have put together educational training packages for our users. It is a very good tool because we don't have to go out to our entire organisation and educate but instead can send out guides. The cost of the tool we justify by reducing the number of support cases - support is money.

Nina Högstedt, IT Service Manager - Coor

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A simple LMS with support for digital and classroom courses

Create engaging courses directly in the platform and make the material easily accessible, regardless of time and place, in your organization. It gives the employees a sense of reassurance, knowing that the information they acquired during training can be revisited when necessary. 

By combining formal and informal learning outside the course, the effect of educational investments is maximised.


A complete tool for E-learning

With the Train module, you get access to the following:

  • Analysis tool for monitoring user statistics at group or individual level
  • Create and administer classroom courses
  • After a completed course, the material can be made available on search pages or shared through links
  • Manager reports 
  • Course reminders to ensure the competence of employees
  • Support for exporting user statistics to, for example, competence management systems
  • Authoring tools to create digital training and shorter guides
  • Integrated screen recording and video editing tool.




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Is InfoCaption an LMS?

The short answer is that InfoCaption is a simple LMS that enables individual follow-up and supports digital and physical courses. With the Train focus, you get a complete learning platform with all the basic functions a traditional LMS provides - and much more!

InfoCaption also focuses on informal and daily learning based on Performance Support - providing support in the daily work "just in time" - the correct knowledge, at the right time, in the right amount. Formal learning still has a place in our platform but forms a smaller part - just like in reality - and is instead supplemented with support for informal learning in the working day.

InfoCaption vs LMS mobile

When you buy InfoCaption, you get a complete platform
for digital learning

The infocaption platform
The infocaption platform


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Curious about the price?

Which focus feature fits your organisation?

When you buy InfoCaption, you choose one of our three specialisations (or more if you want). When the needs grow, you can build and add other orientations.

Curious about the price?