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Share knowledge within and outside the organisation.

InfoCaption is a platform for creating, collecting and sharing guides, instructions, routines, courses and processes - either internally or to customers. We want it to be easy to share what you know so that the next person can quickly access it, precisely at the moment of need.

InfoCaption increases employee productivity, streamlines learning in the organisation and facilitates charting of  the structure of the organisation.

What does your organisation want to achieve?

Improved productivity
Increased competence
A structured organisation
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Create easily accessible information

It should be easy to pass on knowledge, between employees or to customers. Create, collect and share guides with screen recordings, video, image or text. The knowledge can be made available via search pages or as context-sensitive help directly in applications and on web pages.

The more content the platform contains, the lower the load on support functions and other people who spend a lot of time answering questions. When knowledge is available at all times, the service to the users is also improved.

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Streamline the workday

Prevent unnecessary stops in the workday, caused by employees having to look for instructions on how to perform a task. Knowledge that is available whenever the user is in need creates the conditions for a more focused and efficient working day.


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Measure and analyze results

Use the platform's various functions for statistics and follow up relevant KPIs for the organisation, for example cost savings thanks to the replacement of manually handled cases with digital guides.

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Reduce personal dependency

When knowledge is shared, it no longer becomes linked to a specific person. This means that people that coworkers earlier depended on can be relieved, and instead focus on their main tasks. Documenting and sharing knowledge also ensures it stays within the organisation, even when an employee leaves the workplace.

Eliminate the knowledge-related stress at the workplace!

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Quote In the City of Gothenburg, the InfoCaption platform is the central hub for all of the city’s functions where the users get help in their daily support issues.

Pontus Ågren, System Owner – City of Gothenburg

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Digitize learning and skills enhancement

By introducing digital education, as a supplement or substitute for classroom education, you get greater effects of learning. Digital education is always available to participants - regardless of time and space - and especially when knowledge is to be applied in reality.

The method is effective in the onboarding process, for example. New employees are introduced without waiting for a supervisor, having access to the course material for rehearsal. In addition, time and costs for travel, teachers and premises are saved.

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Use the inhouse knowledge

Instead of hiring consultants or specialists - let employees in the organisation who already have the knowledge create the course material. Create courses and introductions with video, image, text, screen recordings and knowledge tests.

Easily reuse already created material. Package guides, processes and links to external material along with a knowledge test to quickly create a course.

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Ensure the level of knowledge

Use the platform's follow-up tool to see how far participants have come in courses, which have been approved and to follow up results on knowledge tests. You can also give participants a certification in completed courses in the form of diplomas.


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Maintain skills development

Provide course and learnig materials in the form of searchable guides to maintain desired levels of knowledge and enable repetition. Use the MicroLearning tool to schedule automated mailings with new knowledge or reminders to the employees.

Take control over the knowledge in the organisation!

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Quote The benefits are so many. You can access the course material when it best suits you, you can go back to a specific chapter to freshen up your memory, and you only need to go through the chapters relevant to you.

Iréne Robertsson, kommunchef - Olofström kommun

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Engage the organisation

Give the employee an overview of their role in the organisation by clarifying work methods, routines or changes in the organisation. When employees can easily understand a workflow or process, it is much easier to create engagement - an important success factor for building a long-term structure.


Make it easy to understand

Prevent information from being misunderstood by linking process maps with instructive guides. Then employees can easily gain insight into both what to do and how to do it.

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Skip the specialists

It should be easy to document and share information. With easily handled tools you can quickly and smoothly create processes, document work methods and routines, and structure the knowledge that is found within the organisation.

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Make everyone work in the same way

When information and knowledge are easily accessible, it becomes easy for the entire organisation to follow the routines and goals that have been set. User-friendly search pages for processes and guides creates the conditions for always having access to the vital instructions. The result: everyone works in the same way and the quality of work done is increased.

Keep track of the organisation's routines and working methods!

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Elevating Your Business with AI-Powered Solutions

At InfoCaption, we are excited to integrate AI functionality into our product. Our priority is to ensure these features are innovative, secure, and reliable.

We are committed to thorough testing and refinement, ensuring that our AI tools are trustworthy and help you make smarter decisions. Your safety and success are our top priorities.

Thank you for being part of our journey towards smarter, safer solutions.

The possibilities with InfoCaption are many:

Screen Recordings

Record from a computer screen to show how something works in a system.

Text Instructions

Instruct with text, image or embedded media.


Use and edit video files, either from your computer or phone.

Process Maps

Describe the organisational structure and make it easy to follow.

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Knowledge Tests

Test users' knowledge. Certify them in systems or subjects.


Create digital courses to educate employees or customers.

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Packing different types of information into handbooks and manuals.


Create workflows and connect descriptive instructions on how something is done.

Context-sensitive help

Display guides directly where users are via browser plug-in, Windows application or API for integration.

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Push Training

Create scheduled mailings with guides or courses that are sent to users.

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Search Pages & Portals

Create search pages and self-help portals to make it easy to find what you are looking for.

QR codes

Generate printable QR codes that can be scanned with mobile for assistance on a physical place.

Statistics & Reports

Follow up display statistics and course results, measure ROI and learning in the organisational.

Synchronize to AD

Match contacts in AD systems directly in InfoCaption for automatic user management.

Single Sign-on

With SSO, it becomes easier to manage user account for users.

Cloud-based or On-premises

InfoCaption can either be placed in our cloud or on your own server.

Ready-made content

Buy ready-made training packages on MS 365, GDPR, and security awareness.

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