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Grupp 3 Utan BG 2019-05-31

Our events

Activities for you who want to know more about InfoCaption and Performance Support. All events and all the communication regarding the events will be in Swedish or Norwegian.

What do the color markings mean?
Yellow = Webinar for everyone
Blue = Event for InfoCaption customers

Stay Tuned! Exciting Events Ahead.

Good things come to those who wait, and our upcoming events are no exception. We're finalizing the details and will have a full schedule ready for you shortly.

24-25 Oct

Digital event

Learning & municipal collaboration with InfoCaption


To celebrate that over 50% of Sweden's municipalities use InfoCaption, we invite you to a digital event for inspiration and collaboration!

Participate for two inspiring half days where you get:

  • Cooperate with other municipalities.
  • Take part in practical cases linked to InfoCaption.
  • Be inspired by lectures on evidence-based HR, presentation technology, business development, and much more.

The webinar and all the communication regarding the event will be in Swedish.

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