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InfoCaption Standard Content

Get access to guides about Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams and more.

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Why reinvent the wheel?

It is unnecessary to create tutorials that already exist. With Standard Content, you get access to finished material about the most common systems that can act as knowledge support in the organisation.

Guides for the most common systems

InfoCaption Standard Content contains hundreds of guides in English, Swedish and Norwegian about Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, Windows and Skype for business.

A platform to share the guides

In addition to the guide packages, you also get a web-based platform to store, manage, and easily make the guides available for the organisation.

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InfoCaption and Standard Content

Standard Content is instructional guides collected in different packages. The guides are made up of screen recordings with a narrator, and text instructions that help and educate the users in the systems.

The included platform brings the possibility to create search pages and portals where the users can find the guides.

The guides can also be shared directly by links or by embedding them on other websites.

Instead of sending employees on long (and often expensive) courses, you can deliver guides they can take part of directly in the working day!

What does Standard Content contain?

Standard Content contains hundreds of guides in English, Swedish and Norwegian about:

  • Office 365, 2016, 2013 and 2010
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Windows 10, 8 and 7
  • Skype for business


Standard Content in different ways...


Only Standard Content

Get your own platform filled with all of our guide packages. Create search pages and portals to reach out with the guides in the organisation.

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In combination with Lite

If you also want to create your own guides, you can buy the license Lite, where you get the possibility to create a limited amount of guides.

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As a part of Enterprise

Do you want to get the maximum value out of InfoCaption? With the license Enterprise, you can create an unlimited amount of guides.

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Some guide examples

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Get our Standard Content today!

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