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Pulsen Omsorg

- The advantage of self-help: satisfied end-users and strong competitive advantage


Who is Pulsen Omsorg?

The Pulsen Group consists of innovative companies of which Pulsen Omsorg is working to digitize the health and welfare of the future. With over 30 years in the field and about 100 employees, their services and solutions provide world-class health and welfare to Sweden's citizens.

Access to world-class support by self-help

Combine is a Pulsen Omsorg web platform that improves the quality of health care for both municipalities and private providers. Governments, contractors, and public and private providers are connected in a user-friendly and comprehensive system with the patient in focus. This platform supports all aspects of the patient's journal, treatments and interventions, and their implementation.

The goal for further development of Combine is being the market's most modern and user-friendly system. Achieving this requires excellent help for end-users and world-class support available 24/7.

Looking for easily accessible knowledge in various formats made InfoCaption's platform perfect. Guides that are easy to find and understand, no matter what time of day, give the end-user a positive experience of Combine as a system and provide a clear competitive advantage for Pulsen Omsorg.


Previous support guides each had their own HTML page, which was challenging to manage and complicated to keep up to date. With InfoCaption, guides are easy to create and administrate without changing the programming or code of an HTML page. InfoCaption statistics show that Pulsen's users are very active and that guides have been watched over 50,000 times in less than a month. Customer care managers at Pulsen Omsorg confirms this and say that the guides have been very well received.

Creating guides and system support in InfoCaption is simple. It is easy to understand how to create guides, while there is an excellent selection of guide types to share knowledge in many ways. You can quickly get started, and the level of guidance with a customer coach and support creates peace of mind because help is always close.


With InfoCaption, Combine aims to become the most user-friendly system on the market.

Quote We have made it easier for our users to be self-reliant. By having the guides in InfoCaption, users can help themselves even when in need. It has saved users a lot of time.

Klara Lindberg, Technical Writer in Charge of User Documentation - Pulsen Omsorg

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