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What are Performance support tools, and how can they be used?

E-learningPerformance SupportBusiness development 4 min. read

Innovative interactive training: Nacka municipality certifies in interaction

E-learningPerformance SupportBusiness developmentInfoCaption in action 4 min. read

Understand Single Point of Truth: What does it mean?

Knowledge ManagementBusiness developmentWorkflow learning 3 min. read

How to reduce the risks of digital working methods in your organisation

Knowledge ManagementBusiness developmentWorkflow learning 10 min. read

Share and take part in trainings for the public sector

Business developmentInfoCaption in action 5 min. read

Increase commitment and knowledge before and after training

Business developmentInfoCaption in action 5 min. read
Increased efficiency, support, and quality through searchable routines
Business developmentInfoCaption in action

In most businesses, there are a variety of routines with the aim of ensuring quality and giving employees support during their working day. However, routines are often lacking in how to create and...

Get started with InfoCaption through communication and broad inclusion
Business developmentInfoCaption in action

Change is a natural part of working life. An increasingly common example is when new systems and accompanying new ways of working will be introduced into the business. Establishing these new ways of...

3 steps toward a more structured onboarding
E-learningBusiness developmentOnboarding

We all know how overwhelming it can be to be newly hired. There are many new things to be learned simultaneously, both in terms of knowledge and work environment. Many feel knocked out by the end of...

5 key areas to succeed with your Customer Success Strategy
HelpdeskSupport temaBusiness development

To work customer-oriented and with the customer in focus has acted as keywords for a long time to emphasize the importance of a deep customer relationship and a good customer understanding. However,...

Why employers should pay attention to knowledge-related stress
Knowledge ManagementBusiness development

All people have been exposed to stress at some point in their working lives. When the demands on the workplace increase and feel overwhelming, the need for recovery also increases. But with good...

The future of learning is in the ”flow”
Performance SupportBusiness developmentWorkflow learning

In today's society, we are used to the fact that all the information we receive is just a push of a button away. Studies today on the subject show that we suffer from a so-called digital short-term...