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Preboarding gives new employees a better start

Business developmentInfoCaption in action 4 min. read

How to create system support according to user needs

HelpdeskBusiness developmentInfoCaption in action 5 min. read

Maintain the Knowledge After a Course With Push Training

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Digital learning for employees without computers or permanent workplace

Performance SupportInfoCaption in action 2 min. read

Easily accessible knowledge streamlines education for new employees

E-learningPerformance SupportInfoCaption in action 3 min. read

How to prevent what is taught from being forgotten

E-learningPerformance SupportInfoCaption in action 3 min. read
How Vetlanda Municipality Created an Appreciated User Manual
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“When the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing” is a common saying with negative meaning and describes a phenomenon that can cause negative effects in a business. It is important that...

Guide of The Month - Januari 2018
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The first entry of Guide of The Month in 2018 is NCC:s project, ”More effective review processes”, a digitalization project that has resulted in inspiring and well-made instructions. In a logical and...