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Access to knowledge: A key to successful partnerships

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Understanding the importance of digital accessibility

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A welcoming onboarding gives new employees a good start

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Attract learning with interactivity and variety

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Share and take part in trainings for the public sector

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Portal that inspire learning

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Increase commitment and knowledge before and after training
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A challenge in a working day with a constant battle of meetings and training is to make them relevant, effective, and engaging. However, it is easier said than done, and unfortunately, you sometimes...

Training with video clarifies instructions
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Using text instructions is not always pedagogical enough when you're teaching employees how to perform tasks with a focus on increasing safety. Especially when it comes to the risk of harming the...

Increased efficiency, support, and quality through searchable routines
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In most businesses, there are a variety of routines with the aim of ensuring quality and giving employees support during their working day. However, routines are often lacking in how to create and...

Performance Support makes it easier when changing systems
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During our working day, we need to learn new things at different times. For example, when there is a change, and we need to work in a new way, or when one of the systems we work in has been updated...

Get started with InfoCaption through communication and broad inclusion
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Change is a natural part of working life. An increasingly common example is when new systems and accompanying new ways of working will be introduced into the business. Establishing these new ways of...

Do you utilize the full potential of digital learning?
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In organizations, it is essential to create conditions, so employees do not become too dependent on each other to perform their tasks. When you always need to turn to a colleague to consult or learn...