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Share and take part in trainings for the public sector

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Portal that inspire learning

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Increase commitment and knowledge before and after training

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Training with video clarifies instructions

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Increased efficiency, support, and quality through searchable routines

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Performance Support makes it easier when changing systems

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Get started with InfoCaption through communication and broad inclusion
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Change is a natural part of working life. An increasingly common example is when new systems and accompanying new ways of working will be introduced into the business. Establishing these new ways of...

Do you utilize the full potential of digital learning?
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In organizations, it is essential to create conditions, so employees do not become too dependent on each other to perform their tasks. When you always need to turn to a colleague to consult or learn...

Major changes require knowledge support
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That systems undergo updates or are replaced entirely is a natural part of many people's work. Changes like these make high demands on both the organization and the employee. Instructions and...

Courses that ensure both new knowledge and learning during the workday
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By creating work procedures that ensure clarity and are easy to implement, you can introduce users to new systems quickly and painlessly. If you provide an education that's always available to the...

Help employees find their way in the maze of knowledge
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You have probably heard many times about employees who express dissatisfaction with a system or a routine when it may just be that they do not see their part in the whole. If you can help employees...

Easily accessible and comprehensive information saves resources
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Getting assistance in your daily work when needed is the foundation for Performance support that we at InfoCaption frequently advocate. By centralizing working documents and processes, you save both...