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User support as a tool for increased digital maturity

Performance SupportInfoCaption in action 6 min. read

Make it easier to do the right thing

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Simple step-by-step guides solve challenges around internal knowledge sharing

Knowledge ManagementInfoCaption in actionOnboarding 4 min. read

Streamline software introduction with context-sensitive help

Knowledge ManagementBusiness developmentInfoCaption in action 4 min. read

Create user success when implementing new systems

Knowledge ManagementPerformance SupportBusiness developmentInfoCaption in action 5 min. read

Preboarding gives new employees a better start

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How to create system support according to user needs
HelpdeskBusiness developmentInfoCaption in action

A lot of systems and applications get a bad reputation when users have a hard time to understand how to use them. You have probably said or heard colleagues say "this piece of crap program..." many...

Maintain the Knowledge After a Course With Push Training
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After an introductory course, the competense needs to be maintained or users needs further training and be reminded. Easy guides as "tips and tricks" and "shortcuts in the system" can be great...

Digital learning for employees without computers or permanent workplace
Performance SupportInfoCaption in action

Far from everyone uses a computer or work in different computer systems in their everyday workday. Examples may include cleaning agents, craftsmen and technicians. Regardless of our profession, there...

Easily accessible knowledge streamlines education for new employees
E-learningPerformance SupportInfoCaption in actionOnboarding

When knowledge and information is documented and made available digitally it is made possible to access whenever and wherever you are. This is a win-win for both coworkers and the organisation.

How to prevent what is taught from being forgotten
E-learningPerformance SupportInfoCaption in action

We’re easily fooled to push out too much information at the same time when we want to teach our coworkers something new. If we instead try to educate on an overall level, we can create a general...

How Vetlanda Municipality Created an Appreciated User Manual
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“When the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing” is a common saying with negative meaning and describes a phenomenon that can cause negative effects in a business. It is important that...