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Innovative interactive training: Nacka municipality certifies in interaction

Behind every human interaction is a basic need to be seen and accepted. In society, social interaction forms an important basis for creating a community where different individuals can cooperate and thrive. In working life, the importance becomes even clearer, as a professional and positive attitude is necessary to promote employee motivation and productivity. "Respectful treatment is not only nice but is the very foundation that holds our relationships and communities together," says Annmarie Palm, who is the customer service manager at Nacka municipality.

Nacka municipality has made an investment in the work with guidelines for social behavior in the municipality. With over 4,000 employees now undergoing developed interaction training, Nacka municipality is a pioneer as the first municipality in Sweden to provide mandatory interaction training for its employees. Nacka municipality believes that the investment in certifying its employees in treatment is a commitment to creating a work environment where employees not only perform their tasks but also enjoy and feel valued, while the treatment of citizens, entrepreneurs, and associations is also given the opportunity to be quality assured.

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The training, created in InfoCaption, includes seven sections with texts, videos, reflection questions, tips, and finally, a quiz, with the aim of giving an overall picture of the meaning of respectful treatment. By including various interactive elements, such as recurring reflection questions, the training creates conditions for discussion and verifies that the training participants understand and apply the treatment criteria that Nacka municipality values most. A couple of examples of topics covered in the training are:

  • Handling challenging social situations at work
  • Guidelines for auto-responders to email and phone
  • Nacka Municipality's policy for physical and digital meetings

For those who have completed the training and passed the quiz, a course certificate awaits, and the employee will thus be certified in "Interactions" for Nacka municipality. The certificate is also created in InfoCaption, which the participants themselves can download after the training has been completed. Annmarie Palm, Customer Service Manager at Nacka Municipality, who authored all the content, says that in the spring of 2024, the goal is for all employees in the municipality to have completed the training.

The feedback from the employees who have completed the training indicates that the training is both engaging and inspiring, "Very educational and engaging structure", "The training feels so well balanced with videos, texts and tips", and "Very good and informative sections."


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Annmarie Palm, Customer Service Manager at Nacka Municipality, who is responsible for the training

We at InfoCaption think that Nacka municipality's hospitality training not only has innovative and interesting content but also is a clear example of how other organizations can build interactive training in InfoCaption. Through the use of videos, text sections, quizzes and reflection questions, the training participants are given the opportunity to actively engage in the content. We believe this can inspire the creation of education in general, regardless of subject.

Nacka municipality receives the Guide of the Month award

Every month, we at InfoCaption appoint the Guide of the Month - a guide that we want to highlight a little extra because of the value it creates in the organization. As a thank you to the person(s) who created the Guide of the Month, we donate SEK 1,000 every month to the organization Hand in Hand Sweden, which fights poverty by creating more jobs in vulnerable countries. Hand in Hand works with the "help to self-help" model, which is in line with InfoCaption's own mission "to make it easier for employees to help each other".


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