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Shared Health Course Inspires Regions Across Sweden

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How can Performance support prevent the "forgetting curve"?

E-learningPerformance SupportBusiness development 4 min. read

This way, you can make your digital training more personal

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Innovative interactive training: Nacka municipality certifies in interaction

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Attract learning with interactivity and variety

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Portal that inspire learning

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Do you utilize the full potential of digital learning?
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In organizations, it is essential to create conditions, so employees do not become too dependent on each other to perform their tasks. When you always need to turn to a colleague to consult or learn...

3 steps toward a more structured onboarding
E-learningBusiness developmentOnboarding

We all know how overwhelming it can be to be newly hired. There are many new things to be learned simultaneously, both in terms of knowledge and work environment. Many feel knocked out by the end of...

Courses that ensure both new knowledge and learning during the workday
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By creating work procedures that ensure clarity and are easy to implement, you can introduce users to new systems quickly and painlessly. If you provide an education that's always available to the...

Lessons about learning in work life after the pandemic
E-learningKnowledge ManagementPerformance Support

The pandemic has forever changed our working day. For many of us, for example, teleworking from a home office is no longer just a flexible opportunity that the employer provides but a normal part of...

MicroLearning, the digital learning trend
E-learningBusiness development

The concept of MicroLearning was brought up in 1963, but its digital journey started in the mid-1990s along with the internet's revolution. This digital form of education has made an incredible...

Why e-learning should be called e-training
E-learningKnowledge ManagementPerformance SupportBusiness development

With high staff turnover, rapid changes and scarce resources, digitalisation of education is becoming increasingly important. However, making education digital is neither the only nor the most...