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This way, you can make your digital training more personal

More and more people are digitizing their education to save resources and make learning more efficient. Of course, this often gives a big profit, but you also lose the personal feeling. Here is a tip on how you can personalize even the digital courses.

We at InfoCaption have noticed that more and more organizations are changing how they educate their employees. It involves offering e-training courses to a greater extent than before during the onboarding of new employees and for further training existing personnel. Traditional teacher-led training still occurs, but less often, because they demand more resources. Unfortunately, humans quickly forget the knowledge taught in such a course if it is not actively maintained after the course.

It is also clear that those who need to learn something new or who need support prefer to do so according to their circumstances and want to choose a suitable time themselves rather than attending a pre-booked classroom education.

In order to maintain the personal feeling and presence that classroom education still creates, InfoCaption offers the possibility to combine, among other things, screen recordings and text guides with videos where you have filmed yourself. The recordings can then be used to welcome and provide practical information to the participants in the e-training.

With this in mind, we have chosen to highlight a customer example this month. The Hässleholm municipality's digital handbook for newly employed nursing staff has included an introductory film in which former head of administration Annika Andersson welcomes the newly employed. 

Maria Olsson, IT strategist at the municipality, tells herself how she thought:

"Ahead of the summer of 2016, we saw a need to change our introduction for our summer temporary workers. We wanted to make a more personal digital introduction. We scanned the municipalities in Sweden and got the idea to ask our head of administration to record a welcome film.

The film provides a comprehensive introduction to what the care administration wants to signal to those who become employed within the care administration in Hässleholm. The introductory film has since been used together with the handbook for all newly employed healthcare personnel."

We at InfoCaption think this is one of many good examples of creating presence and the feeling of sitting in a classroom. Another plus is that because the employees can go through the course as often and exactly when they want, the knowledge can be maintained and thus retained. In other words, their introductory training is reused as Self-Service after the training session!


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