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Effective how-to guides: support in the right context

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10 tips for using QR codes in the workplace

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How can Performance support prevent the "forgetting curve"?

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Innovative interactive training: Nacka municipality certifies in interaction

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Reduce occupational injuries among young people at work with a better introduction

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How to make it easier to find information and knowledge

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How to get your very own guide at work
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A guide is someone or something that shows you the way when you are lost or need help. On a holiday, you might have a tour guide and a GPS in the car. For us at InfoCaption and our users, the word...

Attract learning with interactivity and variety
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That we humans are different is nothing new. The same applies to how we take in information and knowledge, where some of us prefer visual and auditory learning while others prefer to read themselves...

5 advantages of Performance support during recession
Performance Support

Many companies have to hold harder in their money during recessions. A hiring freeze is a common measure, which can cause serious problems when key people in the company resign, or for some reason...

Performance Support makes it easier when changing systems
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During our working day, we need to learn new things at different times. For example, when there is a change, and we need to work in a new way, or when one of the systems we work in has been updated...

Do you utilize the full potential of digital learning?
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In organizations, it is essential to create conditions, so employees do not become too dependent on each other to perform their tasks. When you always need to turn to a colleague to consult or learn...

Major changes require knowledge support
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That systems undergo updates or are replaced entirely is a natural part of many people's work. Changes like these make high demands on both the organization and the employee. Instructions and...