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Efficient process workflow in Älmhult municipality: Collaboration & comprehensive insight

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How to get your very own guide at work

Knowledge ManagementPerformance Support 4 min. read

Understand Single Point of Truth: What does it mean?

Knowledge ManagementBusiness developmentWorkflow learning 3 min. read

How to reduce the risks of digital working methods in your organisation

Knowledge ManagementBusiness developmentWorkflow learning 10 min. read

Interactivity with clicks and tests stimulates learning

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Simple step-by-step guides solve challenges around internal knowledge sharing

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Lessons about learning in work life after the pandemic
E-learningKnowledge ManagementPerformance Support

The pandemic has forever changed our working day. For many of us, for example, teleworking from a home office is no longer just a flexible opportunity that the employer provides but a normal part of...

Why employers should pay attention to knowledge-related stress
Knowledge ManagementBusiness development

All people have been exposed to stress at some point in their working lives. When the demands on the workplace increase and feel overwhelming, the need for recovery also increases. But with good...

Streamline software introduction with context-sensitive help
Knowledge ManagementBusiness developmentInfoCaption in action

Updates and changes to systems often place great demands on both the organisation and employees. For over fifteen years, 13,000 employees, 1,500 administrators, and 500 managers at Region Uppsala...

Create user success when implementing new systems
Knowledge ManagementPerformance SupportBusiness developmentInfoCaption in action

Throughout the workday, everyone in an organization is required to learn new things at various times, like when a new system is to be implemented. When introducing new systems, many system vendors...

Why e-learning should be called e-training
E-learningKnowledge ManagementPerformance SupportBusiness development

With high staff turnover, rapid changes and scarce resources, digitalisation of education is becoming increasingly important. However, making education digital is neither the only nor the most...

How you create a successful knowledge platform
Knowledge ManagementBusiness development

Sometimes, you need more information or knowledge to perform your duties. A good way to store and then quickly reach out with knowledge and information in the business is to use a knowledge platform....