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Courses that ensure both new knowledge and learning during the workday

By creating work procedures that ensure clarity and are easy to implement, you can introduce users to new systems quickly and painlessly. If you provide an education that's always available to the parties concerned and can be seen at any time and as often as you want, you have come a long way in ensuring that essential knowledge is always available for those who need it.

The need to educate can arise at different times, such as during changes in a system or when someone is new to the job or has received new tasks. There may also be a need to follow up and ensure that users have completed the course and taken in the information, as the course can be the basis for being authorized to work in a particular system.

When the need for education arises, you can ask yourself several questions. Some of these can be:
  • What do users need to learn?
  • In what form should we educate?

One of the questions that you may not ask yourself so often is also:

  • How and when do users need to learn?

These are questions that don't always have clear answers. The users' needs are as unique as the individuals themselves. Therefore it must be ensured that the educational material is available at any time on a shared digital surface.

We at InfoCaption advocate that educational materials should be part of both formal and informal learning, i.e. in both the critical initial phase of education and afterward, when you need help directly in the workflow. This is precisely what Piteå municipality has made possible for its employees who work with ordering. They have created a course under the "Shop right" framework that certifies employees to work with ordering and purchasing within their own business. The course is intended to be completed straight away to get certified. After certification, the course is also available as a handbook for those who need to refresh their memory on specific details.

Sara Nilsson (Municipal controller at the municipal management administration) Piteå municipality further says:
"As part of business development with the support of digital technology, Piteå Municipality has begun work to streamline the purchasing process. The goal is to create a clear and straightforward way of working so that purchases are made by the right supplier and by procured goods and services.

The project involves new roles and work procedures, and new system support for, among other things, ordering will be introduced. There was a need to train and inform all employees affected by this change. We appointed a working group that has created various training packages for the target groups involved, including the new purchasers.

We feel that it is crucial that those who work with orders have knowledge of laws and regulations that we must follow when we make purchases in the businesses. To become eligible purchasers in the municipality's new e-commerce system, we require the user to complete the course we have created. We can follow this up in InfoCaption before adding the certified user to the system.

Then the idea is that users should also be able to use the course as an encyclopedia to go back and watch individual sections again at any time. Since we work with digitization and there will be new employees who will be purchasers, it felt right to invest in digital training material that users can use when it suits them."


Click here to see the course for customers in Piteå municipality. The course is written in Swedish.

In Team InfoCaption see that Piteå municipality has used the entire toolbox that the product has to offer in creating this course. It is clear and contains interactive instructions for its employees to participate in, which keeps the user active by mixing text, knowledge tests, and video content. We predict that this course will create a lot of value in the long run.

Thanks to their fantastic work, Piteå municipality has received the Guide of the Month award.


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