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Celebrated guide on carbohydrate counting for a safer everyday life

Type 1 diabetes is a challenging and lifelong disease that affects both children and adults. Every year, around 1,000 children and the same number of adults are diagnosed in Sweden alone. The disease requires complex treatment that takes place outside the walls of the hospital, which puts extra pressure on the affected individual. Balancing blood sugar, avoiding too low and too high levels, and dosing the right amount of insulin is a daily challenge that can be likened to walking a tightrope, a balancing act that is impossible to always manage.

We want to draw attention to and praise an excellent guide to carbohydrate counting produced by the organization Together Against Diabetes1 (T.A.D.1). The ambition of the guide is to help people with type 1 diabetes dose insulin as precisely as possible in relation to the food they eat. Elin Cederbrant and Emma Bygdén, who are behind the carbohydrate counting guide, are clear that carbohydrate counting is only one piece of the puzzle in the complex treatment of type 1 diabetes. To achieve the best results, one must also take into account other factors that affect insulin dosage, such as the composition of the meal, past activities, and future plans.

Elin and Emma further explain:
"We developed this guide as a complement to T.A.D.1's app, which has a built-in carb-counting function. Our goal was to make the guide useful to anyone who needs to learn about carb counting, from newly diagnosed individuals and their parents to adults who want to improve their skills, and even grandparents who want to support their affected grandchildren. Together with a dietitian from Astrid Lindgren's Children's Hospital, we have created five different levels to make learning as simple and easy to understand as possible. We have also produced our own images, an animated film, and video clips to facilitate understanding.

It is important to emphasize that the guide alone does not solve everything with carb counting, but is complemented by T.A.D.1's carb counting function in the T1D app. The guide teaches the mindset and how to use the lists, while the app provides the practical information needed to manage the disease in everyday life.”

We at InfoCaption are not alone in seeing the guide's value, it has been well-received by the country's clinics. Many clinics recommend the guide to their patients who need to learn carbohydrate counting. It has made the process more clear and manageable, and it is appreciated that you can go back and repeat the material. In addition to the guide's content, we also want to highlight its structure and design; it is interactive and contains various elements, such as videos, text passages, and knowledge tests, which enable active participation in the learning process. We at InfoCaption are convinced that the design and structure of the guide can serve as a source of inspiration for others to create interactive guides. Congratulations T.A.D.1 for the guide of the month award and thank you for using InfoCaption in your important work!


TAD portalHere is a link to the carb-counting guide

T.A.D.1 receives the Guide of the Month award

Every month, we at InfoCaption appoint the Guide of the Month - a guide that we want to highlight a little extra because of the value it creates in the organization. As a thank you to the person(s) who created the Guide of the Month, we donate SEK 1,000 every month to the organization Hand in Hand Sweden, which fights poverty by creating more jobs in vulnerable countries. Hand in Hand works with the "help to self-help" model, which is in line with InfoCaption's own mission "to make it easier for employees to help each other".


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