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Effective how-to guides: support in the right context

Navigating a new system means venturing into unknown territory. For Tanum municipality's Plan & Map department, the transition to the map program myCarta meant ensuring that users could quickly and easily learn the system's functions. Solution? Short and user-friendly how-to guides via the context support directly in the system.

By prioritizing the most used functions, Tanum Municipality created step-by-step guides that briefly and effectively help the user navigate the system. The work, which mainly has been carried out by Tanum Municipality's GIS engineer Linnéa Åkerblom, has meant a smoother transition and a reduced learning curve for the users of myCarta. The response from users has been positive, not least thanks to the availability of the guides in the context support. By making the guides visible directly in the users' workflow, the accessibility of information increases and the users receive proper support in the current context. If users switch views in myCarta, new relevant guides appear, which Linnéa and Tanum municipality have created in InfoCaption..

Karin Lundin, Leadership Support in Tanum municipality, confirms the relevance of the work with the guides in the context support:

""The value of the work with the guides is basically that Linnéa was able to go on vacation as planned 1-2 weeks after the introduction without people being halted in the new system.

An essential part of the work with the guides has been to identify the most used functions and tools in myCarta to prioritize in the guide creation. Which functions are used the most? Are some features more difficult to understand than others? Are there tools in the program that require more explicit instructions? These are examples of questions that the municipality of Tanum had to ask in the work with the mapping. The guides, which are in the step-by-step format, usually consist of several steps with clear section names so that the user can quickly and easily navigate. Therefore, the Guide of the Month includes a typical example of how one of Tanum municipality's how-to guides in myCarta is designed.

Bildstorlek - Månadens guide Tanum kommun_Blogg_maj

Link to one of Tanum municipality's step-by-step-guides in MyCarta (in Swedish)

Tanum municipality's work draws attention to the importance of helpful context support and guidance in implementing new and existing systems. By making relevant, effective how-to guides in context support, Tanum municipality shows what effective system support means. For that effort, they are well deserving of the Guide of the Month award—congratulations, Tanum Municipality!


Tanum Municipality receives the Guide of the Month award

Every month, we at InfoCaption appoint the Guide of the Month - a guide we want to highlight a little extra because of its value in the organization. As a thank you to the person(s) who created the Guide of the Month, we donate SEK 1,000 monthly to the organization Hand in Hand Sweden, which fights poverty by creating more jobs in vulnerable countries. Hand in Hand works with the "help to self-help" model, which aligns with InfoCaption's mission "to make it easier for employees to help each other".



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