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Get started with InfoCaption through communication and broad inclusion

Business developmentInfoCaption in action 5 min. read

3 steps toward a more structured onboarding

E-learningBusiness developmentOnboarding 8 min. read

5 key areas to succeed with your Customer Success Strategy

HelpdeskBusiness developmentSupport 8 min. read

Why employers should pay attention to knowledge-related stress

Knowledge ManagementBusiness development 3 min. read

The future of learning is in the ”flow”

Performance SupportBusiness developmentWorkflow learning 3 min. read

Streamline software introduction with context-sensitive help

Knowledge ManagementBusiness developmentInfoCaption in action 4 min. read
Create user success when implementing new systems
Knowledge ManagementPerformance SupportBusiness developmentInfoCaption in action

Throughout the workday, everyone in an organization is required to learn new things at various times, like when a new system is to be implemented. When introducing new systems, many system vendors...

MicroLearning, the digital learning trend
E-learningBusiness development

The concept of MicroLearning was brought up in 1963, but its digital journey started in the mid-1990s along with the internet's revolution. This digital form of education has made an incredible...

Why e-learning should be called e-training
E-learningKnowledge ManagementPerformance SupportBusiness development

With high staff turnover, rapid changes and scarce resources, digitalisation of education is becoming increasingly important. However, making education digital is neither the only nor the most...

How you create a successful knowledge platform
Knowledge ManagementBusiness development

Sometimes you lack the information or knowledge that is needed to do your work and need to find out in order to proceed. A great way to store and distribute this kind of knowledge and information in...

The Google effect: How does it affect the way we learn?
Business development

Google is one of our most important sources of knowledge. It has also made the knowledge available from anywhere, and at all times. Has it also changed the way we learn? And has it been a positive...

Preboarding gives new employees a better start
Business developmentInfoCaption in actionOnboarding

”You never get a second chance to make a first impression” is a saying you have probably heard. Though it may sound a bit harsh, it is a good source of inspiration when developing your organisation....