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Share Knowledge = Grow Together

Knowledge ManagementPerformance Support 3 min. read

Good Documentation Makes System Development More Effective

Knowledge ManagementBusiness development 6 min. read

"Good Enough" Can Be Perfect in Daily Learning

E-learningPerformance Support 4 min. read

Motivated Support Staff Creates Satisfied Customers - A Good Circle

E-learningBusiness development 6 min. read

Guide of The Month - Januari 2018

Guide of the month 1 min. read

Do You Offer Daily Learning?

Business development 4 min. read
How to Make the Users Love Your Systems!
E-learningPerformance SupportBusiness development

Frustrated end users, courses that are too short for your systems and system owners or specialists that are bombarded by questions — sounds familiar?

How to Make New Employees More Comfortable and Efficient!
Knowledge ManagementBusiness development

Everyone has been new at work and been in need of information and knowledge to be able to complete our new work assignments and learn our world places routines. Many of you can agree that it feels...

Release the Knowledge! – Make Your Business Person-Independent!
Knowledge ManagementBusiness development

Let all of your employees share their knowledge by documenting and saving important information on a knowledge database. This minimises the risk of losing knowledge when they leave the workplace.

Does It Take Lots of Time to Find Information at Your Workplace? — Here are a Few Good Tips
Business development

For a business to run smoothly and effectively it may be a good idea to remove all unnecessary obstacles in it’s work, one of these obstacles could be a lack of information or knowledge. When...