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How Hogia supports their customers

HelpdeskKnowledge ManagementBusiness development 3 min. read

The Borders Are Being Erased Between Education, Documentation and Support

E-learningHelpdeskKnowledge ManagementPerformance SupportBusiness development 2 min. read

Why You Should Start With Performance Support

E-learningPerformance SupportBusiness development 5 min. read

Lack of knowledge may lead to stress and frustration among co-workers

Performance SupportBusiness development 3 min. read

How to prepare your workplace for Millennials

E-learningKnowledge ManagementPerformance SupportBusiness development 5 min. read

9 tips to achieve a world-class support

HelpdeskBusiness development 7 min. read
How to Introduce Something New
Business development

We all have a lot to do during the workday, and it might not be many moments to reflect. Things that we, when we first got our work assignments, found new and maybe even confusing turns into routines...

Share Knowledge = Grow Together
Knowledge ManagementPerformance Support

It was once said that knowledge is power, and that might still be true in some cases. But if we share our thoughts and ideas, we can help eachother out and proceed faster. Share what you know with...

Good Documentation Makes System Development More Effective
Knowledge ManagementBusiness development

Easily accessible documentation that is easy to handle is important in making the work that system developers do effective. Easily accessible means that the documentation should be where it is needed...

"Good Enough" Can Be Perfect in Daily Learning
E-learningPerformance Support

What needs to happen for us to be able to call something e-learnig, and what is needed to make it work? In this article we explain why accessibility is more important than quality. Almost unavoidable...

Motivated Support Staff Creates Satisfied Customers - A Good Circle
E-learningBusiness development

First line support often answers the same questions over and over again. The work is repetitive and not very motivating. How can you fix this? Motivated support staff not only improves the working...

Guide of The Month - Januari 2018
InfoCaption in action

The first entry of Guide of The Month in 2018 is NCC:s project, ”More effective review processes”, a digitalization project that has resulted in inspiring and well-made instructions. In a logical and...