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Easily accessible and comprehensive information saves resources

Getting assistance in your daily work when needed is the foundation for Performance support that we at InfoCaption frequently advocate. By centralizing working documents and processes, you save both time and resources. Above all, you help reduce the stress of knowledge.

When companies in the same sector have a common need, a particular standard is often created that simplifies and clarifies in what way, how, and when specific tasks need to be performed. However, this can bring problems. For example, the documentation and processes must be easy to understand and obtain. If this is not the case, you will lose time and resources that could otherwise have been used for other projects.

It should be easy to gather information in one place and be available to anyone who needs it. That is why this month, we want to draw attention to BEAst. They have developed a comprehensive process structure with document links to simplify the work in their digital tools that support the construction sector.

Rickard Larsson, CEO of BEAst, says:

“For BEAst, InfoCaption is a fantastic tool for documenting processes and linking guides to the processes. The tool gives our members a user-friendly way to participate in the processes. For those who develop the processes, InfoCaption is a flexible tool you do not need any training to handle.”


262936417_10158519121760906_2182403871379913138_nClick here to view the guide (the guide is in Swedish)

We at Team InfoCaption think that BEAst has taken advantage of all aspects of the process tool and the functions that affect the platform. With the help of this, they have simplified the working day for many in the digital part of the construction sector and, in the long run, streamlined new construction around Sweden. The use of BEAst's platform has steadily increased since its introduction, which indicates that there is a great need for the material they have developed.


BEAst has received the Guide of the Month award for their fantastic work. 


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