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What happens after a course?

It can be hard to start creating in a new organisation. Even though you are qualified, know your job and have a positive attitude, new computer systems, ways of working and routines still demand your attention. Introductory educations are always held at the worst time possible - when you’re completely new. But in a utopian world, how should it for new employees?


To: Staff Education/HR
Subject: How do I find the material from our introductory education?


I just started here two weeks ago. It is really exciting and I have already gotten started with my job. I have after spent five years learning this at the university, so it really isn’t that hard… However, last week I participated in a course for you guys, where we among other things went through the main work system. As I was a bit stressed and excited for this new dream job, I have completely managed to forget how I was to perform a certain task.

I know that we went through it during the course, so is it possible to get access to the course material so I can look through it myself, when I need it?

Best Regards,
New in the organisation


To: New in the organisation
Subject: Re: How do I find the material from our introductory education?


I’m so happy to hear that you’re enjoying your new job! It is great being able to hire people that share our passion for our business activities.

We actually have a solution where all parts of the course is available and searchable. As a matter of fact, all material from all our courses are available there, together with many other things that may be of use during your work tasks.

Here’s the link to the course material:

And here you can find other material that may be of use to you:

We implemented this system to make it easier for you and others to stay focused on your jobs, and not have to spend time and energy looking for (or remembering) answers such as your’s. If there is anything else on your mind, don’t hesitate to ask!

Best Regards,
Sara at HR


Throughout many organisations, an email chain such as this one can go one for days and often involves four-five people, but this as how easy it can (and should) be! This demands that the organisation is good at making use of and preserving the knowledge being shared within it, with the aid of for example Performance Support-tools.
Do you also wish it was this smooth in your organisation?


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