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How Hogia supports their customers

Hogia is a company developing business systems, software for staff administration and transport solutions. Hogia is a wide organization, with many smaller companies focusing on specific markets to provide optimal assistance for their customers. The Hogia-group consists of 27 companies and 650 coworkers in the Nordic countries and the United Kingdom. In addition to email and phone support during office hours, Hogia offers its’ customers a digital support tool called “Kundtorget”, meaning “Customer Plaza”.

Kundtorget is a digital support tool where customers can get the help they need regarding Hogia’s products. We interviewed Ann-Louise Lyrhem, webmaster for Kundtorget, to learn more. Ann-Louise says:

“For us at Hogia, it’s important to always be available for our customers. Through Kundtorget our customers can get help 24/7, 365 days a year. They can download and update their Hogia software, search among questions and answers, watch guides and instructional videos (made in InfoCaption), view check lists for various routines and much more. Our aim is to work proactively and help make our customers workdays smoother and easier.

Kundtorget is administered and maintained by six webmasters who are each responsible for one or more of our products. The webmasters all have previous experience of working with customer support giving us genuine competency, as well as a thorough knowledge and understanding of our customers’ needs.”

Kundtorget celebrates its 10th anniversary this year (Congratulations!) and this is celebrated with among other things a new look and some new functionality.

Hogias customer portal, "Kundtorget" (translation: Customer plaza).Picture of the home page for “Hogia Salary” from a customer perspective.


Hogia’s customers really appreciate the extra service all this provides in addition to the regular support. This is mainly due to the constant availability and digital accessibility of the information.

Some of the responses in a recent customer survey were:

  • "Great service! All I need to do is follow the instructions and everything works itself out! Very well described solutions, I am very satisfied!"
  • "Everything is simple and easy to understand. You are doing a great job!"
  • "Kundtorget is my best friend when I have no one to turn to at work. Thanks to you guys for existing!"

We asked Ann-Louise if she has any advice for organisations experiencing a heavy load on their support:

“Invest and focus on a digital support tool and make sure time and resources are diverted to the creation of material for it. Sure, it may take quite a lot of time and effort to create instructional material in various formats, but this is more than made up for by the fact that customer needs are met, and they can quickly and easily get the help they need. Today, Kundtorget has 333 500 logins and 170 000 views on its’ guides yearly. This of course makes the workload for our regular support much more manageable.

The combination of being able to offer our customers phone support during office hours and a digital support tool available around the clock is a great strength for Hogia.”

In December 2017, an instructional guide created by Ann-Louise was named “Guide of the Month”. This is a monthly contest where we at InfoCaption pick the best guide created by our customers that month. The creator of the winning guide receives a prize! Watch Ann-Louise’s guide here.


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