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5 advantages of Performance support during recession

Many companies have to hold harder in their money during recessions. A hiring freeze is a common measure, which can cause serious problems when key people in the company resign, or for some reason are absent for an extended period of time. Becoming less dependent on people is therefore incredibly important in a recession. A Performance support tool helps with that and much more.

What is Performance support?

Performance support is a form of knowledge support that helps employees perform their tasks more efficiently. The aim is to provide the right support when it is really needed in the working day, instead of holding longer courses. 

A Performance support tool, such as InfoCaption, can for example create workflows or processes, portals to gather information, interactive guides in different formats that show how to perform tasks, and different types of courses and training.

A performance support tool is a good investment during a recession because it helps organizations increase productivity and reduce costs.

5 benefits of Performance support during a recession

1. Increase efficiency

Help employees become more efficient by providing the right information when the need arises during the workday. This increases productivity as tasks can be completed more quickly and involve fewer employees.

2. Reduce costs

A Performance support tool can replace traditional courses and training. Instead, employees get access to the support they need in real-time. This reduces the costs of developing and holding long and expensive training courses.

3. Higher quality

By giving employees access to up-to-date and relevant information, Performance support can help improve the quality of work. This in turn can lead to increased customer satisfaction - which in turn can contribute to increased revenue.

4. Faster adaptation to change

During a recession, it may be necessary for organizations to quickly adapt to changes that occur in the market or in the industry. Performance support helps employees quickly adapt to these changes by providing relevant and up-to-date information.

5. Become person-independent

A Performance support tool can help organizations become more independent of people. By creating guides and processes for how tasks are performed, you make use of your existing resources. This is especially valuable during a recession when many organizations have hiring freezes.

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