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Digital learning for employees without computers or permanent workplace

Far from everyone uses a computer or work in different computer systems in their everyday workday. Examples may include cleaning agents, craftsmen and technicians. Regardless of our profession, there are situations where we all need help/guidance in our work.

How can an employee who, for example, services hardware or who uses medical equipment get help even when they do not have access to a computer? The development in the society that "we are always connected" opens up great opportunities, as almost everyone has access to a mobile phone with internet connection.

Through the use of QR codes or NFC tags an employee can quickly access an instruction by using the built in camera in the smartphone, and then scanning the code or reads the NFC tag. QR codes and NFC tags can easily be placed on many places to facilitate a wider target group. One example is a code/tag on the office printers showing how to configurate follow-me-print.

At Nordlandssykehuset in Norway, the winner of guide of the month, they have understood the possibilities with the combination of analog and digital distribution and created a concept guide used for internal marketing.    

Digitalt lärande_QR-kod_månadens guide december 2019Click here to see the guide!

Trond Kristiansen (Adviser at Nordlandssykehuset HF), creator of the guide, shares his thoughts:

"The guide was created as a simple concept video to illustrate how to connect a guide to various equipment and rooms, and how to use smartphones and tablets to watch the guide. Our experience so far is that the best tool for most users is QR code as a distribution method."

At team InfoCaption we have chosen to highlight this guide since QR codes/NCF tags opens up great opportunities to reach more users. Accessibility is of great importance when it comes to self-help within digital learning.

Psst... In the guide a QR code is visible after 11 seconds. Please try to scan the QR code and you wil learn how to analyze blood gas with a Radiometer ABL90 FLEX.

Congratualtions and well done to:
Trond Kristiansen, Nordlandssykehuset HF

/Team InfoCaption


InfoCaption choses to donate 1.000 SEK every month to a nonprofit organization, which provides education or in any other way aid people into the labor market, as a thank you to the person/people who created the guide of the month.


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