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Guide of The Month - Januari 2018

The first entry of Guide of The Month in 2018 is NCC:s project, ”More effective review processes”, a digitalization project that has resulted in inspiring and well-made instructions. In a logical and understandable way, a number of instructions is presented that guides the user. The goal of the project was to standardize and digitalize the process of reviewing system and building documents to make the comprehensive, and oftenly manual, administration.

Ulf Larsson and Jörgen Mann, that is behind the project, says the following:

“ – Before, paper-based blueprints was searched for in folders, edited with colored markers, scanned and e-mailed only to be gone for weeks.

Jörgen Mann, responsible for project management at Building Sverige…”

“ – The digital administration of building documents via Bluebeam Revu saves time and money and minimizes the risk of errors, which brings a huge effect to each workday. By working digitally in a blueprint at same time, in real-time, and at the same place, everybody always has the last version. This makes it easier to have an effective cooperation between everybody in the project.  It is a lot of project members that joins the project at different times, and it facilitates the work for everyone by getting a great introduction on the web.

Ulf Larsson, operational support at Building Sverige…”

Below you will find a guide example: ”Granskningsprocessen (Swedish for: The review process), but the instructional guides about how the reviewing is done is accessible to everyone att If you want to know more, check out to find all the guides.

Congratulations and nicely done! – From us at InfoCaption

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