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Maintain the Knowledge After a Course With Push Training

After an introductory course, the competense needs to be maintained or users needs further training and be reminded. Easy guides as "tips and tricks" and "shortcuts in the system" can be great alternatives to create value, both for the organization and in the employee's workday.

We are not receptive to information in all situations

There are various situations in our work day where we need to learn new things. Some things we learn from an introductory course or further education within a specific field or system. Unfortunately, we are not receptive to new information in all situations. For example, when we attend an introductory course, we want to understand the whole and remember the primary. This means that other important things like tips and tricks, highways and shortcuts are easily forgotten shortly after the training itself.

In order for employees not to miss out on good tools or functions that make a difference in their everyday life, you can let them take part of it in other ways. One way could be through Push Training (scheduled mailings) which regularly sends new information to employees. Or why not do as our customer Stockholmshem did - use the intranet to highlight useful guides?

The guide "Tips and tricks for your computer"The guide "Tips and tricks for your computer", created in InfoCaption. Click here to see the guide.

Monica Timm from Stockholmshem describes how she eases her coworkers workdays by sharing simple tips and tricks:

”Tips and tricks every two weeks from IT are much appreciated at Stockholmshem. Like this example, I make a very short recording with a single tip and publish it on the Intranet. There's very many new updates in our computers right now so I have many recordings waiting."


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