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Healthy guides to raise the level of knowledge

Many organizations face critical situations where information must be updated and relevant to work steps and business development. Among other things, this fits in well with meal planning for public meals around Sweden, where it is essential that the food prepared is of high quality at all levels. The information must also be easy to find and easy to understand.

To create meals that satisfy the stomach, health, and wallet, you need to plan well based on the available knowledge. If that knowledge is scattered, outdated, or not inspiring enough, factory results won't be easily achieved. Therefore, with the help of InfoCaption, Foodix has created a platform with guides on cooking good meals that is easily accessible and inspiring.

By creating this platform, Foodix hopes to raise both the level of knowledge about everything related to meals and the quality of meals served around Sweden. From meal planners to educators and managers, everyone in the affected areas can learn more and apply what they've learned in modules like Safe Food Management and The Green Kitchen.

The result is healthier and tastier meals, but it also saves money. In addition to the modules available today, Foodix is continuously developing new training courses to broaden its content library.

Johan Andersson and Annika Unt, educators at Foodix says:

Our goal with Foodix is to allow the user to find all the knowledge and inspiration needed to create a good meal. With short, three-minute films that are in different modules, for example; Safe food handling, The green kitchen, hosting, etc. We turn not only to kitchen staff but also to care and nursing staff, educators, managers in schools, and care. Foodix is both a tool for the leadership to continuously maintain the level of knowledge of its employees and for those who are in the kitchen who need to quickly develop ideas around, for example, the salad table by easily "Foodixa" (search) and find what you are looking for.


Foodix-startThis is what the Foodix portal looks like. You can easily click on the area you want to know more about.

Click here to view the guide (the guide is in Swedish).

We at Team InfoCaption pay tribute to this initiative from Foodix. By creating short, informative, and inspiring guides, you can achieve the goal of raising the quality of meals around Sweden through smooth knowledge sharing. Their work to gradually update their platform as it creates benefits here and now and in the long run, the more content that is added to their platform.

Thanks to their fantastic work, Foodix has received the Guide of the Month award.

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