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Does It Take Lots of Time to Find Information at Your Workplace? — Here are a Few Good Tips

For a business to run smoothly and effectively it may be a good idea to remove all unnecessary obstacles in it’s work, one of these obstacles could be a lack of information or knowledge. When information critical to your work is missing you need to stop and learn it somewhere and sometimes it can take more time than you would hope, what does it look like at your workplace?

An Internal Search Engine Prevents Unnecessarily Long Stops

In a survey carried out in Sweden in 2010 by Canon, 43% of those that took part said that they spend half an hour a day searching for information. 26% spend between half an hour and an hour. This time can be shortened substantially by documenting, systemizing and spreading the knowledge and information the business has.

Many of us are used to using search engines like Bing or Google when we want to know something but what happens when we ask questions that, for example, are about our own business’s routines or working methods? An internal search engine, i.e. a system where business related information can be found, may be the solution to this problem. Here, everything from routines and work methods to internal support guides can be searched for, the more the merrier. Due to the fact that in our everyday life we can receive answers in the bat of an eye, it seems logical to apply the same function to businesses by having a system where knowledge and information about the business can be searched for wherever and whenever. This makes it possible to raise general knowledge in the workplace because a opportunity for daily learning is created. Another bonus is that the work day is made easier for new employees because they can easily get answers to their daily questions in an instant — provided that the answer is documented.

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Generation Y, also called millennials, are starting to fill workplaces. We millennials, at least the younger of us, learnt how to use the internet to get our hands on information in our schools. Adapting the workplace for these individuals can make the business and workdays much more effective and will positively affect everyone in the end. The advantage with i.e. Google is that you know that you can find almost anything in one place and usually within seconds, regardless of what it is you are looking for. By doing this to a business you eliminate the time taken to find where the information you are looking for is.

Make Your Business Effective by Keeping Everything Together and Easy to Access

There is one step left in the optimization, even after the documentation and systemization is done — Creating easy to access information.

Even though a few employees may have jobs that do not require a digital device they may have a personal smartphone that has internet access, therefore it may be a good idea to store all information digitally and make it accessible via the internet for when you need to know something. Accessibility creates a calm environment because employees know that they can get answers to their questions wherever and whenever. There may also be some information that is bound to a certain individual? Is there a technician that knows how to fix the printer when it stops working, as it always does? Anyone in the workplace can fix it when the technician is away, if the knowledge is documented and mad accessible to everyone. Another benefit of storing information digitally and on the web is that when the information is updated, it becomes updated for everyone instantly.

Optimize the Business by Adapting to the Present

When you analyze search patterns of information and knowledge in your business you can ask yourself these questions to find things to improve

Are important documents saved, for example, information or knowledge bound to an individual?
Are the documents gathered or are they spread out over several places?
Is the knowledge and information accessible and easy to share?
Use the wonderful technology of today to create effective workdays and a secure environment for employees. Optimize the workplace with a smart search engine that makes it possible for easy and daily learning. Digitalize and systematize your information and knowledge today!

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