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Welcome to workshop!

This spring you, as an InfoCaption user, can participate on our Open workshop in one of our offices in Scandinavia. We provide a relaxed environment where you can work with your content creation in InfoCaption together with other users, and an on-site customer coach from InfoCaption.

Time: 09:00 - 16:00

Of course, you choose how many hours you want to attend during the day.

Inspirational lecture by our experts within Performance Support

During both days a lecture will also be held during lunchtime - about 20 min. There will be a unique theme for each day, filled with inspiration about Performance Support and how you can get even more benefits from InfoCaption.

Prices (incl. "fika" and lunch)

One day: 1500 SEK
Two-day package: 2500 SEK


Welcome, here are our offices!


The event is proceeding as planned, but based on the future development of covid-19 and any restrictions from the government, we monitor the situation and inform when making adjustments.



Register before May 4